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Cybertech “tailor made” Managed Security Services as a business asset

DO COMPANIES NEED TO CHANGE PRIORITIES AND STRATEGIES IN ORDER TO DEFEND THE BUSINESS FROM NEW CYBER ATTACKS“At the moment the most strategic activity is to monitor and to respond to eventual attacks.” – said Roberto Mignemi, CEO of Cybertech, in the interview with Data Manager.

“Managed Security Services are essential especially for companies that don’t have advanced defense systems in place. We created a”tailor-made” Managed Security Services offering in order to satisfy all f our clients, depending on the number of events that need to be managed. This approach makes our Managed Security Services offering accessible to all companies. Building up on the monitoring services, offered in collaboration with the Engineering Group, our offering includes a series of closely related services: vulnerability assessment, SIEM, incident response and our SOC (Security Operation Center) for a 24/7 perimeter monitoring.”

How to change the approach? The first step is to work together with the client in order to map the actual company security status and the surface that is exposed to threats.

“We are not talking about setting up projects worth millions, the ones that solve everything at once, instead we recommend a reference framework adaptable to changes with defined priorities and countermeasures and actionable resolution or mitigation program in case of detected vulnerabilities. This is the approach – suggests Mignemi – that everyone should adopt in order to manage security issues, because it is impossible to do so without being aware of the risks involved. The risk analysis allows us to focus on the areas at greater risk, making it easier to define a remediation and monitoring plan. Rational and systemic management of security should be a starting point in order to foresee and then implement further actions in medium and long term. Often, however, this structured approach isn’t yet very clear to most companies.” – observes Mignemi.

“Most companies tend to addopt the “reactive” method, trying to solve the single problem while ignoring many other vulnerabilities. Sensitivity and understanding of the security issues vary depending on the market maturity and on the type of company. The banking industry is well aware of the security matters for at least twenty years.” – explains Mignemi.

«The situation is yet different for SMBs, where the problem is rarely addressed effectively. While the Industrial world is slowly becoming more aware of its vulnerabilities and of the disastrous consequences of a an eventual stop in production. We created a “tailor made” Managed Security Services offering to satisfy the needs of our clients, indipendently of their degree of maturity or the type of industry.»

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Solutions for small and medium businesses that strugle with Cybersecurity

Small and medium businesses are struggling to provide for their own cybersecurity needs due to the complexity of cyber attacks and the lack of specialized professionals. 

“69% have an under-staffed cybersecurity team, 58% fail to locate and hire the necessary cybersecurity experts, 32% take at least 6 months to find the qualified person.” (ISACA survey)

 “Cybersecurity outlines a very broad scenario, in terms of skills and knowledge. In fact, to be able to cover most of the areas that belong to the diverse cybersecurity universe, companies would need to have at least six or seven specialists (mostly IT engineers) in the company, which is rearly the case.” Maurizio Milazzo, Director industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security e Innovation Manager in Cybertech.

To overcome the difficulties that companies encounter in finding suitable cybersecurity solutions, Cybertech has set up it’s own Security Operation Ceneter (SOC), a structure capable of providing security services remotely, with a 24/7 coverage.

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The keys to Cybersecurity: Incident Response and structured processes

Cyber attacks are not slowing down. The recent increase of security incidents recorded in past months took advantage of the Coronavirus emergency and the rapid evolution of smart working and has greatly affected the security of many companies.

Luca Bechelli, Information & Cyber ​​Security Advisor, P4I – Partners4Innovation – Digital360, and Riccardo Morsicani, Principal Security Architecht, di Cybertech, will illustrate:

  • How to build an effective defense for corporate data in a moment still dominated by uncertainty and poorly structured remote work?
  • What are the most efficient cybersecurity solutions both in economic and organizational terms?
  • How to structure a security strategy, from Threat Intelligence to Siem solutions?
  • What are the benefits of SOC and how can it help companies protect infrastructures, applications and data, especially in new IT environments and in Smart Working contexts?
  • The Incident Response: what are the platforms for the orchestration and automation of SOAR processes and how can they make a difference in the cybersecurity strategies?



La video intervista D360 a Roberto Mignemi: “Con l’evoluzione delle minacce, il presidio del SOC esterno diventa inevitabile”


L’intervista al CEO Cybertech, Roberto Mignemi pubblicata da Digital360.

Le minacce informatiche sono sempre più sofisticate e pericolose. Gestirne la complessità, per le aziende, è quindi diventato praticamente impossibile.

In questo scenario di evoluzione della cyber security in cui le aziende puntano sempre di più verso un outsourcing della sicurezza, demandando a società con i giusti skill e le giuste competenze la protezione del proprio perimetro virtuale, il presidio di un SOC esterno diventa di fatto inevitabile: questa soluzione, infatti, garantisce professionalità e livelli di sicurezza molto elevati. La complessità delle minacce, inoltre, può essere gestita con servizi ad hoc calibrati sulle esigenze dei singoli clienti.

Strumenti tecnologici all’avanguardia come l’intelligenza artificiale e il machine learning possono inoltre fare la differenza nel contrasto alle cyber minacce. Nel tempo, infatti, si è passati dal gestire e monitorare le minacce al prevenirle. Oggi si va verso il predirle e questo comporta l’utilizzo di sistemi di machine learning che permettono di anticipare e capire che potrebbe arrivare la minaccia.

Il commento di Roberto Mignemi, CEO di Cybertech: “Ormai i tempi degli attacchi informatici sono sempre più veloci e c’è bisogno di questi strumenti per anticiparli, uniti comunque all’intelligenza umana che permette di fare quel fine tuning fondamentale per discriminare se questi possibili allarmi sono delle reali minacce o no”.


La video intervista è stata realizzata da D360 nell’ambito della partnership con Cybertech per l’evento Cyber Security Summit 2019 organizzato da e