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Engineering Cybersecurity Master Class

In the new cycle of  Master Classes signed by Engineering for TIM’s Digital Resurection Operation, Cybertech experts will illustrate the main issues related to Cybersecurity and how to protect yourself by blocking cyber threats in real time.

In the 4 cybersecurity lessons, scheduled on the 11/18/25 November and 2 December – we will illustrate:

  • The basic concepts, the main objectives and the current scenario of Cybersecurity
  • The state of the art of cyber attacks and the most appropriate countermeasures
  • How to build a correct Cybersecurity culture at a company level
  • How to protect yourself and block cyber threats in real time through a SOC service (Security Operation Center)

See below the  agenda and the registration procedures

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Cybertech’s mission: Operation Technology Security

Industrial cybersecurity is a critical but still underestimated issue. With the OT, it’s importance grows further. 

“While in the IT sector, after years of cyber attacks and security incidents, the issue of cybersecurity now finally plays a central role in the design and management of information systems, in the OT world there is still a lack of cybersecurity awareness. The latter, in fact, pays for a very recent and fast-paced digitization. The IT Security needs of industrial assets and related connection networks have been underestimated so far.

Moreover, the OT world mainly considers security in terms of “safety” rather than cybersecurity. Security in the factory means avoiding accidents at work, keeping workers hands away from the press. But with the progressive adoption of new technologies that were introduced by the Industry 4.0 plan, it is no longer possible to avoid the critical issues of Industrial IT Security.”

“The time has come to give the deserved importance to OT Security.” Maurizio Milazzo, Director Industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security Innovation Manager in Cybertech.

Click here to read the full article written by Renzo Zonin, Industria Italiana.


Cybertech is the Gold Sponsor of ITASEC20

Cybertech is the gold sponsor of ITASEC20, the most important Italian Conference on Cybersecurity.

The event will take place on February 4th  – 7th at the Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona.

We are proud to support this important project which gives the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge with the best cybersecurity experts in Italy in order to secure the technological growth of our country.


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