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OT Security best practices

Cyber ​​attacks in the industrial world are not just a remote risk, but a real possibility. It is necessary to align the corporate industrial culture with the standards and best practices of OT Security. Cybertech supports companies along the path. 

The topic of OT Security is “relatively” new but the attention in this direction is constantly growing. We talk more and more often about OT Security and Industrial Cybersecurity. Thanks to the benefits of Industrial Digital Innovation, in recent years, companies have been able to achieve greater flexibility, production speed and product quality.

Technological progress has increased manufacturing competitiveness globally, but it also created an increasingly complex cybersecurity scenario. Maurizio Milazzo, Director of Industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security in Cybertech, shares his experience in his interview with Inno3.

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Cybertech’s mission: Operation Technology Security

Industrial cybersecurity is a critical but still underestimated issue. With the OT, it’s importance grows further. 

“While in the IT sector, after years of cyber attacks and security incidents, the issue of cybersecurity now finally plays a central role in the design and management of information systems, in the OT world there is still a lack of cybersecurity awareness. The latter, in fact, pays for a very recent and fast-paced digitization. The IT Security needs of industrial assets and related connection networks have been underestimated so far.

Moreover, the OT world mainly considers security in terms of “safety” rather than cybersecurity. Security in the factory means avoiding accidents at work, keeping workers hands away from the press. But with the progressive adoption of new technologies that were introduced by the Industry 4.0 plan, it is no longer possible to avoid the critical issues of Industrial IT Security.”

“The time has come to give the deserved importance to OT Security.” Maurizio Milazzo, Director Industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security Innovation Manager in Cybertech.

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Cybertech at the CSET 2019 Event

On June 11th, Cybertech participated at the CSET (Cyber Security for Energy and Transport Infrastructure) 2019 Event held in Genova.

Maurizio Milazzo, Cybertech Director of Industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security, was invited to speak about OT Security in front of the CSET qualified audience of experts CISO of Critical Infrastructure Organizations in Power Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Maritime Operators, Port Authorities and analysts from government agencies, industries, universities and scientific research centers from all over the world.

We wanted to bring you a short excerpt of Maurizio Milazzo’s event speech, which gives an insight into Cybertech’s vision of OT Security & Asset Performance Management Solutions.

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Cybertech all’evento “Navigando in Cybersecurity”

Il 29 giugno a Mestre (Venezia), La Camera di Commercio di Padova ha organizzato un evento molto speciale dal nome evocativo: Navigando in Cybersecurity.

La giornata, che ha unito lavoro e navigazione nella laguna veneziana (Mestre, Venezia, Murano, Burano e Torcello), ha avuto il focus sulla sicurezza informatica e sulle soluzioni di Cybersecurity, raccontate dagli esperti di  Cybertech, ospite d’onore dell’iniziativa.

Eugenio Nicotra, Digital Marketing Manager di Cybertech, ha introdotto la sessione sottolineando l’importanza della consapevolezza dei rischi, essenziale per affrontare la digital transformation con un approccio informato e proattivo

Maurizio Milazzo, Director Industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security, ha successivamente parlato della trasformazione del business e dell’indispensabile definizione di una strategia in tema di cybersecurity per la gestione delle infrastrutture e delle applicazioni di business in mobilità e per la definizione di regole certe per accedere ed utilizzare i dati.

Davide De Rubeis, Security Specialist di Cybertech, ha infine affrontato gli aspetti più operativi passando in rassegna i principali rischi informatici ed evidenziando la necessità di training delle risorse umane, dell’adozione di adeguate soluzioni di Identity Access Management e Security Information Management e spiegando il ruolo dei Security Operation Center e dei Cyber Security Incident Response Team nelle strategie più innovative di prevenzione e gestione dei rischi informatici.

Una prima assoluta, un evento unico, coniugando bellezza e sicurezza.

Digital Innovation to safeguard the excellence of the Made in Italy


On February 13th, 2019 in Padova, OmnitechIT organized together with IBM and the participation of CISCO, an Event that faced these issues with the Operators of the territory. SMEs, Startups, large companies and Associations shared their experiences on the complexity of creating Digital Innovation initiatives and the real advantages that companies can expect from Innovation and the implementation of Digital Transformation projects.

The event, Quality and Innovation for the Made in Italy, was for OmnitechIT a starting point in supporting the companies of the territory in their growth, and to strive to achieve the model of Enterprise 4.0 that delivers quality and excellence in Italian products to the world.

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