OmnitechIT for the development of digital skills for young people

OmnitechIT for the development of digital skills for young people

Eugenio Nicotra, Silvia Celani & Maurizio Milazzo

March 14th, a beautiful sunny day, saw the opening of Milano Digital Week. The boys of the ITT Ettore Molinari school arrived punctually at 9:00 am to enjoy a day of learning together with OmnitechIT experts and teachers.

After an OmnitechIT welcome by Eugenio Nicotra, Marketing who welcomed the boys at the Milan office, the morning was marked by a sparkling and dynamic start. The presentation by Maurizio Milazzo, OmnitechIT Partner and Digital Innovation expert and Silvia Celani, Innovation Manager, outlined the guidelines of a technology that improves life by creating business opportunities for today and even more so for future generations.

The meeting between companies and schools is really a key point for the development and progress of our country: the labor and business market is increasingly in need of young people aged 16/18 onwards to turn to professions such as those of Data Analyst, programmer, and Project manager, who understand terms like Business Process management, Blockchain and Internet of Things.

The Digital divide of Italy with respect to the rest of the advanced economies is indeed one of the critical areas that the week of MilanoDigitaWeek intends to address, and the availability of OmnitechIT is a sign that certainly goes in the right direction.

The boys immediately felt in sync with the speakers and the activities had a high level of interaction. Never a one-way presentation, but many questions and lots of curiosity.

All this bodes well: young people are not like the ones painted by the media: listless, lazy, absent, always on the phone and even a little spoiled. Quite the contrary. They are curious, they are intelligent and eager to be protagonists of their time and of the time to come, laying the foundations for creating Skills and Professionals 4.0.

They just need an adult world, school and companies first, to give them the tools and space to have their voice. Beautiful, clear and strong. It serves them, it serves everyone.