Digital Innovation to safeguard the excellence of the Made in Italy

Digital Innovation to safeguard the excellence of the Made in Italy

Maurizio Milazzo & Silvia Celani


On February 13th, 2019 in Padova, OmnitechIT organized together with IBM and the participation of CISCO, an event that faced these issues with the operators of the territory. SMEs, Startups, large companies and Associations shared their experiences on the complexity of creating Digital Innovation initiatives and the real advantages that companies can expect from Innovation and the implementation of Digital Transformation projects.

The event, Quality and Innovation for the Made in Italy, was for OmnitechIT a starting point in supporting the companies of the territory in their growth, and to strive to achieve the model of Enterprise 4.0 that delivers quality and excellence in Italian products to the world.

Dr. Maurizio Milazzo, OmnitechIT Partner and expert in Industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security illustrates OmnitechIT’s perspective on Digital Innovation as the safeguard of excellence for the ‘Made in Italy’:

“We wanted to steer the event in Padova towards the Quality of the ‘Made in Italy’, since we are aware that our country is a global leader in product quality, and that this leadership should be maintained and reinforced to prevent from it being lost.
Therefore, the commitment of industrial companies must be geared towards innovation, where the Digital Transformation becomes a real added value in maintaining and improving the Quality of products and business processes. A quality process is a precursor to a quality product.

Even today, however, in many Italian companies the processes are not documented, the integration between multiple processes is not managed properly, the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) are not defined, and the communication between the different business functions is still lacking. To be competitive in a global market it is necessary to innovate and to constantly improve the processes and the company procedures, aligning them to the best market standards and to the quality that the customers expect from products that are Made in Italy.”

In this direction, Silvia Celani, OmnitechIT’s Innovation Manager, highlighted how today’s most advanced technology and Augmented Intelligence can come to the rescue of companies on their path towards Quality 4.0, proposing a Smart Quality Management System solution supported by our Smart Intelligent Assistant Audit solution (A.S.I.A.) because “… Quality is never random, but it is a mix of Processes, Innovation and Skills.”

Maurizio Milazzo emphasizes the importance of human resources:

“Competences and Skills are fundamental in the model Enterprise 4.0. In OmnitechIT, we value human resources. Technology is important, but if you do not consider that human resources must be helped to make the best use of Innovative technologies, companies risk investing without being able to fully achieve the expected results from the Digital Transformation.

The round table, inspired by the design thinking approach, was particularly interesting, engaging and dynamic. The panelists were involved in expressing their point of views on the issues that emerged in the early part of the morning: innovation, the relationship between enterprise, school and associations, the incentives in support of the Digitalization of companies, their Internationalization and the diffusion of the Made in Italy.

The active involvement of the participants was the real success of the meeting; in those moments, everyone present added Value to the conversation and consequently, Value was created.”