OT Security best practices
14 Oct 2020
14 Oct 2020

Cyber ​​attacks in the industrial world are not just a remote risk, but a real possibility. It is necessary to align the corporate industrial culture with the standards and best practices of OT Security. Cybertech supports companies along the path. 

The topic of OT Security is “relatively” new but the attention in this direction is constantly growing. We talk more and more often about OT Security and Industrial Cybersecurity. Thanks to the benefits of Industrial Digital Innovation, in recent years, companies have been able to achieve greater flexibility, production speed and product quality.

Technological progress has increased manufacturing competitiveness globally, but it also created an increasingly complex cybersecurity scenario. Maurizio Milazzo, Director of Industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security in Cybertech, shares his experience in his interview with Inno3.

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