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OmnitechIT participates in the Milano Digital Week

OmnitechIT participates in the Milano Digital Week for the development of digital skills for young people

Milan, March 14: A beautiful sunny day saw the opening of Milano Digital Week. The boys of the ITT Ettore Molinari school arrived punctually at 9:00 am to enjoy a day of learning together with OmnitechIT experts and teachers.

After an OmnitechIT welcome by Eugenio Nicotra, Marketing who welcomed the boys at the Milan office, the morning was marked by a sparkling and dynamic start. The presentation by Maurizio Milazzo, OmnitechIT Partner and Digital Innovation expert and Silvia Celani, Innovation Manager, outlined the guidelines of a technology that improves life by creating business opportunities for today and even more so for future generations.

The meeting between companies and schools is really a key point for the development and progress of our country: the labor and business market is increasingly in need of young people aged 16/18 onwards to turn to professions such as those of Data Analyst, programmer, and Project manager, who understand terms like Business Process management, Blockchain and Internet of Things.

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OmnitechIT at the 2019 Manifattura Milano Camp

On March 16th 2019, OmnitechIT will participate in the event Manifattura Milano Camp at the Luiss Hub for Makers and Students.

The 2019 edition theme is “The Manufacturing of the Future”: digital, sustainable, rooted in the territory and able to combine new technologies, artisan know-how and culture of the project.

Saturday will be a day of talks, presentations, workshops, exhibitions and interactive activities on new crafts and urban manufacturing. The program was built through an open call to startups, artisans, makers, SMEs, designers, research centers.

OmnitechIT is thrilled to participate and share our experience in the field.

Silvia Celani, Innovation Manager for OmnitechIT, will speak at CAMP #4: Digital Services for Smart manufacturing: security, RETAIL, virtual and augmented reality, about Smart Management, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation for the Manufacturing 4.0.




Digital Innovation to safeguard the excellence of the Made in Italy


On February 13th, 2019 in Padova, OmnitechIT organized together with IBM and the participation of CISCO, an Event that faced these issues with the Operators of the territory. SMEs, Startups, large companies and Associations shared their experiences on the complexity of creating Digital Innovation initiatives and the real advantages that companies can expect from Innovation and the implementation of Digital Transformation projects.

The event, Quality and Innovation for the Made in Italy, was for OmnitechIT a starting point in supporting the companies of the territory in their growth, and to strive to achieve the model of Enterprise 4.0 that delivers quality and excellence in Italian products to the world.

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OmnitechIT side by side with bw digitronik at the 17th bwsecurity day

The 2019 bwsecurity day will take place on March 13th at the Marriott Hotel in Zurich, and will be a perfect occasion to share with our clients and partners the exciting News about bw digitronik’s collaboration with OmnitechIT Group.

The international guest speakers will bring to the table their view of the latest insights from the IT-Security World. The participants will also have the chance to join a Live Hacking Session conducted by OmnitechIT. bw digitronik will introduce its Swiss customers to the New SOC Services that it offers in collaboration with OmnitechIT.
The world-famous musician, Chris von Rohr (Crocus), will give a Keynote motivational speech and sign autographs for all participants of the bwsecurity day!

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OmnitechIT apre le porte a Milano Digital Week 2019

La Fondazione Mondo Digitale è alla Milano Digital Week 2019 in collaborazione con grandi aziende del settore IT e organizzazioni del territorio per avvicinare gli studenti e i cittadini all’innovazione digitale.

OmnitechIT promuove da sempre lo sviluppo della cultura digitale in Italia e aderisce con grande entusiasmo all’iniziativa.

Il 14 marzo alle 9.30 OmnitechIT apre le porte della sua sede milanese ad una classe di studenti che vogliono scoprire e capire con noi cosa significa Industria 4.0, parlare di Sicurezza Informatica e di Internet delle Cose.


The 2019 IBM Security Academy Europe  is the first IBM Event organized to bring together all the European Services, Software Sales, Technical-Sales and Business Partners, in order to WORK AS AN INTEGRATED TEAM FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR CLIENTS.

OMNITECHIT supports the IBM Academy through our SILVER SPONSORSHIP of the Event organized in Madrid, Spain.

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OMNITECHIT at IBM Think 2019


IBM Think 2019, currently taking place in San Francisco (CA), is an annual appointment that OMNITECHIT always lives as an opportunity to stay one step ahead!

The OMNITECHIT Management Team is excited to participate every year to widen our network, keep up to date with the latest innovations and technologies, and share the newest trends in the IT Security field.

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OmnitechIT is the Gold Sponsor of ITASEC19 (The Italian Conference on Cybersecurity)

OMNITECHIT is one of the sponsors of ITASEC, the Italian annual Conference on Cybersecurity organized by CINI – Cybersecurity National Lab. The 2019 edition is taking place at the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche in Pisa, from today, February 12th to February 15th.

OMNITECHIT representatives will join the Italian cybersecurity professionals, academia, industries, research institutions, and Government to address the latest Cybersecurity trends.

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OmnitechIT at the first WomenHack Event in Rome

Wind Tre hosts the first “WomenHack” event in Rome, which promotes gender equality in the ICT&Tech field and helps women connect with companies that are committed to diversity in their workplace. This innovative Networking & Recruiting initiative will be held tomorrow, 31st January, at Wind Tre’s offices in Rome, where about a hundred female candidates will be able to meet more than ten ICT&Tech companies in one single occasion and find out their job opportunities. Through this event, organized by San Francisco-based “WomenHack”, the company led by Jeffrey Hedberg aims at promoting and supporting women’s entry into the Information Technology world.

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OmnitechIT is becoming part of the Engineering Group

We are proud to announce that OMNITECHIT is becoming part of the Engineering Group. The agreement represents an important strategic step and an opportunity to continue our growth and further strengthen the company’s leadership in Cybersecurity.

Roberto Mignemi, CEO of Omnitechit, has stated:

“We have chosen to join Engineering because we have found a common strategic vision in the development of cybersecurity solutions and the same values that have driven our growth so far.”