Blockchain ecosystems for italian notaries
23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018


One of the most pressing challenges since the early days of the Internet era has been the creation of reliable digital identity systems.

The Italian National Council of Notaries is promoting the development of a widespread and open Blockchain ecosystem.

On October 20th, the partnership between the DEVO Lab of the SDA Bocconi School of Management and the Italian National Council of Notaries organized “The RACE for IDEAS” to address the theme “Blockchain ecosystems for Italian Notaries”, to define new use cases inspired by the principles of traceability, identity and safety.

OmnitechIT was chosen to participate, since our company has a recognized and consolidated experience in the development and implementation of Blockchain solutions, distributed ledgers and IT architectures, along with the prestige of the OmnitechIT Academy.

From the left: Giuseppe Cifala’ – Sales Manager, OmnitechIT; Aldo Lentini – Principal Security Architect  and R&D Manager, OmnitechIT; Ferruccio Vitale – Principal Secuirty Architect, OmnitechIT

Our Security specialists were glad to attend and share our innovative ideas and proposals.

As our Principal Security Architect – RD Manager, Aldo Lentini, commented:

“It was a great opportunity to adapt a new technology that is attracting a lot of attention, as is Blockchain, and smart contracts, to real-life scenarios.

It was also important to exchange ideas and impressions with important players in the area, and to understand the different visions and the new scenarios this technology will outline.”


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