How to design a modern and secure digital experience
18 Nov 2021
18 Nov 2021

We are experiencing a strong digital acceleration that is having a considerable impact on society and the working environment, but also on business operations across all industries. Digital Transformation is a necessary change for the growth of our entire ecosystem that is revolutionizing the business processes. In times of crisis, the Technological innovation has stimulated greater flexibility and responsiveness, but at the same time, it exposed our business systems to a greater amount of risk. Today, managers have a task to protect their organizations from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks that are threatening all sectors. 

We support our clients by enabling a secure Digital Transformation in this complex scenario. How do we do it? We protect identities, processes and digital services, and we create a secure user authentication based on the Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions with the Zero Trust security model. 

Tommaso Re, Lead Security Architect at Cybertech, explains why Identity and Access Management processes are crucial today and what are benefits for the business. 


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