Healthcare Cybersecurity, the main areas of intervention
16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021

One of the hottest topics in the 2021, the union between “Healthcare and Cybersecurity“, discussed yesterday during the Digital Health Summit 2021.

Elio Di Sandro, Offering Director of Cybertech, shared our experience in the Healthcare sector: “To guarantee a multi-layer and multi-level defense capable of intercepting the cyber attack chain, better known as the “kill chain”, in the Healthcare sector we must intervene on the technological front and related operational processes, focusing on four main “intervention areas” necessary to enable the correct cybersecurity posture for hospitals: digital identity, data, OT networks and continuous monitoring.”

  1. Digital identities: continuous control of secure access in a Zero Trust logic to IT and OT systems and applications, from within the hospital network, but above all from the outside
  2. Data protection (health information and medical records): monitoring activities, hardening of the containers through data encryption with dedicated systems that must offer a secure encryption key management
  3. Control point dedicated to the interconnected OT networks and electro-medical equipment
  4. Monitoring, detection, containment and effective response to cyber attacks through a dedicated 24×7 SOC that embraces both IT and OT perimeters.
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