CYBERTECH PROTECTS HOSPITALS: offering pro bono cybersecurity services with our Incident Response Team
27 Apr 2020
27 Apr 2020

During the health emergency, the efforts and resources are being concentrated in the fight against Coronavirus. At the same time, an increase of cyber-attacks targeting the world of health were reported globally, and the victims happen to be the hospitals, Ministries of Health, University Clinics and research laboratories that manage big amount of sensitive data, icrucial in the battle we are fighting against the invisible enemy.

Italy hasn’t been spared from cyber-attacks and, for this reason, Cybertech, with a deep knowledge of the key processes in the healthcare industry and of the biggest vulnerabilities, decided to support the Healthcare structures that have been strenuously engaged for 2 months in the struggle that has upset the entire country, by offering pro bono cybersecurity services to raise the level of security and reduce the exposure to outside threats.

“The quality and the extreme value of the data that is processed by the Healthcare sector, makes it highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Historically, Healthcare had to allocate most of its budget to other priorities, but Cybersecurity and the IT component are now essential to support new models of healthcare delivery. Citizen health information and medical profile are highly sensitive data and can’t end up in the wrong hands” commented Antonio Delli Gatti, Healthcare Commercial Director in Engineering. “For 40 years Engineering has been working for the Italian Health System, and in this moment of great difficulty for the country, we are ready to offer all our help. With the support of Cybertech, we provide our services to ensure the integrity of Italian hospitals, starting from some of ours most important and historical partners “ concluded Delli Gatti.

During the emergency, Cybertech will provide hospitals with services capable of identifying the extent of the computer surface exposed to attacks and its support in the event of a verified compromise.

“Once the emergency is over, the so-called” phase 2 “will require healthcare facilities to manage even more sensitive data than in the past and by using new technologies. This is the vulnerability issue that we will have to address in the coming weeks. We have decided to offer hospitals our experience in the prevention of cyber-attacks free of charge, by placing our Incident Response Team and our Control Rooms at their side to protect data and ensure timely recovery of systems and operations” underlined Roberto Mignemi, Cybertech’s CEO. “Over the past few weeks there has been an overwhelming impulse of pride and solidarity throughout the country; this is our way of saying THANK YOU to all those doctors, nurses and volunteers that we have seen fighting relentlessly for all of us” concluded Mignemi.

The first goal of the Cybertech intervention is to help hospitals and medical research companies to have a clear view of their own safety status in respect to the external surface exposed. The results obtained will be evaluated to direct a program in order to resolve or mitigate the detected vulnerabilities (re-entry plans), considering other factors such as platform sensitivity on which a vulnerability has been detected (resolution priority).

The implementation of a periodic process (monitoring) to review the effectiveness of the corrective measures put in place and also to detect the presence of new vulnerabilities, will facilitate the development of the hospital safety management which will have to provide further actions in the medium and long term that go beyond the goals of this Cybertech initiative.

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