Cybertech at the CSET 2019 Event
24 Jul 2019
24 Jul 2019

On June 11th, Cybertech participated at the CSET (Cyber Security for Energy and Transport Infrastructure) 2019 Event held in Genova.

Maurizio Milazzo, Cybertech Director of Industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security, was invited to speak about OT Security in front of the CSET qualified audience of experts CISO of Critical Infrastructure Organizations in Power Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Maritime Operators, Port Authorities and analysts from government agencies, industries, universities and scientific research centers from all over the world.

We wanted to bring you a short excerpt of Maurizio Milazzo’s event speech, which gives an insight into Cybertech’s vision of OT Security & Asset Performance Management Solutions.


Maurizio Milazzo

Clients seek Cybertech’s assistance to address the effects that Digital Transformation has on their business. Our experts can support them with the latest OT Security Technologies in order to:

  • reduce the risk of business disruption from security breaches
  • avoid unplanned downtime
  • ensure and prove compliance across the entire enterprise in real time
  • improve security operations’ productivity 
  • give evidence of the actual compliance level in relation to the requested controls.

In order to avoid attacks and mitigate risks, we trust a Risk Management Approach based on the Cybersecurity Standard recommendations and Asset Visibility, while avoiding the common “Security by Obscurity!” approach.

The right OT Security technology solution must provide Asset Inventory and Anomaly Detection of OT and IT Assets, facilitating Visibility in IT/OT Convergence.

 We learned through experience that merely selecting and implementing the “right” Digital Technology won’t give us the wanted results. Instead, we need to address the Digital Transformation through a company-wide culture evolution, becoming more agile and risk aware, enhancing the company’s digital cybersecurity maturity model, and by turning the focus on employee engagement, training and behavior.

The biggest challenge that most companies have to face today is the Security Skills Gap. The Security Skills gap can be effectively handled using a SOC (Security Operation Center) or a Managed Security Services approach, in order to guarantee a high level of Cybersecurity posture while avoiding cyber-attacks and mitigating risks.”



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