18 Jan 2016
18 Jan 2016

OmnitechIT is glad to announce that is getting into the Internet of Things Market.
The Internet of Things offer a potential impact of $ 4 Trillion to $ 11 Trillion a year in 2025; an IoT solution can Optimize Operations Reducing Maintenance Costs by as much as 40% and cut Unplanned Downtime of 50% !!
Using Industrial Internet of Things and Analytics, Organizations can significantly improve Operational Performance with Higher Reliability, Business Process Automation, Predictive Maintenance and even Creating New Manufacturing Models.
Thanks to Smart Connected Assets, Organizations can improve Asset Performance targeting Operational Excellence.
Internet of Things implementation can expose Assets and Data to external or internal attack , so Executives could have Cybersecurity concern. Security is a challenge but something that can be addressed by a right IT Risk Management Approach.

“OmnitechIT is the Holistic Risk Management Company” say Roberto Mignemi, OmnitechIT CEO, “… our Customers understand our ability to mitigate Security Risks. Enterprise Asset Management knowledge and expertise, is the second Company pillar” continue Mignemi, “Internet of Things Services and Consulting will complete our offering to support Customers in the Industrial Revolution change” close Roberto Mignemi”.

“Customers are asking our help to Optimize Operating Costs and Maintenance Budget, Maximize Return on Assets and Ensure the Ability to Respond to Market Demand” say Maurizio Milazzo, IoT OmnitechIT Sales Director, “we will support Organizations Optimizing Operating Costs, Reducing Risk of lowering Earnings and Minimizing unforeseen Business Interruptions“, close Maurizio Milazzo.
OmnitechIT will help Organizations to enjoy of Internet of things unparalleled Business Advantages managing IT Risks and avoiding non-authorized access.

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